PhotogramToday at lunch, I noticed some girls walking in with some photograms they had done during a multimedia activity. They were very excited to tell me all about the mechanics of the activity – putting designs on photo paper and going into the dark room. But what really struck me was the true sense of community I got from this group (see picture – Bunk #26).

They started talking about all of the “awesome” things they do at camp, like basketball, volleyball, cookery, gymnastics, arts and crafts, and eating French toast – just to name a few. Then, they told me about the really terrific things they do in their bunk with their counselors.

During Bunk Time, they play games and write letters. They were talking about how they love to learn about each other. They do fashion shows where they have to introduce a partner by telling two facts about the other person. One of their favorite times of day is right before social flashlight time when they do the compliment washing machine. All of the girls line up with their arms straight out. When you go by and hit someone’s hand, they have to give you a compliment. It was obvious that this has definitely been a highlight of their time here at camp.

I asked the girls about their photograms – some had words like sisters and 2nd home. They told me that camp is like a second home to them. It’s like family here. You live with people and get to know them.

I couldn’t have said it better myself! How lucky we all are to have this opportunity to spend our summers with family at our second home! And on another note – wouldn’t it be great for all of us to play the compliment washing machine every night!? Hey, it’s worth a try…..



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