IMG_2253 Circa 1997, the Airy and Louise slogan was “Cool Stuff Happens.” That sentiment, still as true today as it was then, holds special meaning at camp. It’s special because not only does camp offer “cool stuff,” camp offers opportunities that campers can’t typically get at home. Yesterday was one of those moments.

Our Unit F boys spent the day at “the lake and the falls” today, aka Cunningham Falls State Park. This trip has been an Airy favorite for decades, and in recent summers has become a signature trip for Unit F campers at both Airy and Louise. This year, several campers from Camp Louise joined the Airy boys who hiked to the park. A day at the lake under Thursday’s sunny skies featured hanging on the beach, frisbee, football, walks to the Falls, lunch and snacks, and relaxation. When our guys retuned to camp via bus, the reviews were thumbs up all around – another successful lake/falls trip.

Some other “cool stuff” aspects go along with a summer in Unit F. These young men stand at a threshold – they are crossing from middle school to high school. They are crossing from senior camp to trainee camp. Our senior camp Division Head (Adam) and the Unit F Leader (Sammy) grew up at Airy and participated in their own signature events that marked “graduation” to the trainee division. It gives them a sense of pride to be able to facilitate similar experiences for today’s Unit F campers. Special thanks also to Stephen – the hike leader – and Gary – our outdoors coordinator – for facilitating and leading the hike. Worthy of note – Stephen and Gary also grew up at Airy.

I am glad that this session’s trip was a success, and I look forward to writing another blog a few years down the road about these campers leading this trip for a new crop.


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