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Sitting in Shabbat services today, I was taking note of the beautiful space we were sitting in (Solarium) and the joy of the campers and staff around me. Shabbat at camp is really an amazing part of our week.

Just then, two campers from Unit D (see picture) were called up to lead us in a reading called Thank You For Our Camp Family…..

For Benna, it is her 4th year at camp and for Ashley, only her 2nd, but the story goes deeper. The two met last year for the first time when they were both placed in bunk #27 by chance. Benna’s mom went to Camp Louise in the 80s and Ashley’s dad was at Camp Airy at the same time.

At the beginning of camp last year, Ashley came in excited about camp, but she didn’t know anyone. One of her bunkmates (Benna) commented how Ashley’s area was “kind of a mess” and Ashley decided that cleaning it would be a great idea. Their friendship then began and you could see the two girls arm in arm around camp.

When camp ended, they went their separate ways – Benna to Philly and Ashley back out to her home in Oregon. The girls kept in touch with good ‘ole fashioned letters, no electronic communication for them. They couldn’t wait to reunite again in 21719 for the summer.

Fast forward to summer 2015…..Benna and Ashley have now moved up the hill to bunk #33 and they are having a blast at camp together. Shabbat services are one of the highlights of their week. They told me that camp is their “Jewishy place.” They love services, especially being in Solarium.

When I asked them about camp and their friendship, one of them stated, “I just love her!” and the other chimed in with “I just know we’ll be friends forever!”

And that is the beauty of Camp Louise…..
Shabbat Shalom,

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