“If I Had a Million Dollars”

Camp these days is like an all-inclusive resort – everything is included, rendering cash useless in the day to day happenings. UNLESS we’re talking about our Junior Division and the frenzied grab for Airy Dollars when it’s Airy Auction Week. As the 2S session began, campers in Units A,B and C set their sights on last night and the Airy Auction. Campers earned Airy Dollars for all kinds of accomplishments – bunk inspection scores, evening activities, trivia questions, being a mensch, and more.

The prizes bunks could win included:

Kim, Culin-Airy Artist, is offering an Elite Dining Experience. Campers will eat separate from the entire camp, at their own table, and waited on for the entire meal, all while dining on 5-star fare!

Who loves parkour, skatepark, paintball, or go karts??? Sean from Airy Extreme is offering an “extreme fun time” for the bunk! Find your inner extreme thrills here with a combination of exhilarating activities, all while receiving specialized instruction!

Assistant Director Rachael will read your bunk bedtime stories. You will not only hear a cool and adventuresome tale, you will also have fresh chocolate chip cookies and milk to snack on as you drift off into blissful sleep!

Walking the hill can be quite the “feet,” so lucky for you that Transportation Guru Mike Tallman is offering a bunk unlimited van rides up and down the hill for an entire day!

And from the humble brag department, an annual top-dollar prize is “Party at Marty’s.” The winning bunk and its counselors are hosted for some hang-out time with snacks, air conditioning, and a movie. Rocky’s Pizza may also be on the menu!

The Airy Auction traces its origins back to the last century – it is just as fun now as Director to provide a bunk prize as it was when I was a Unit Leader 20+ years ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

So long until the next blog,

Today’s Birthdays

Sven – Staff
Jeff -Staff
Alex – Staff !


    UNIT SPOTLIGHT – Unit E    

Hi Marty’s Blog!

I hope you all are having a great week! I’m excited to let everyone know what Unit E has been up to. Monday evening we went downhill for dodge-ball at the pool! After a rainy day we got a patch of dryness at night and everyone was glad we got to go swimming. On Tuesday, we all went roller skating! Unit E is by far the most balanced Unit in camp. Later that night, we went to our sister Camp Louise to watch a magic show! The kids were in disbelief at most of the tricks and it was fun seeing all of their shocked faces.

On Wednesday, we had a Unit anagrams/jeopardy activity. All of the kids showed off their intelligence in a heated battle to try and become the next James Holzhauer. Tonight we are all going to the Nature Reserve! Kidding…kidding…we are going to the players fun zone! The kids don’t know they will be laser tagging, arcading, mini golfing and batting caging but now you do so keep it a secret! I look forward to seeing how much fun they have tonight. Enjoy your weekend and more of Marty’s blog!

Today’s Menu


Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner
Pancakes – plain and blueberry | Scrambled Eggs | Cereal | Fruit | Yogurt , Mac N Cheese | Baked Potato Bar | Chocolate Milk | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar , Fried and Baked Chicken | Green Beans | Rolls | Mashed Potatoes | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar

Today’s Weather

High: 88°F | Low: 72°F
A sunny morning became a stormy afternoon, and then a clear and cool evening.

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