CIT Day 2015

Today is a day that we got to show off Camp Louise to over 50 prospective families – Camper-in-Training Day! These families came to experience camp. While their daughters were put into groups (see picture) and participated in activities with counselors, the parents were also put into groups with counselors of their own.

Our campers-in-training enjoyed activities, such as arts and crafts, folkdance, martial arts, nature, outdoors, and dance. The parent bunks got to participate in activities, as well as having a tour of camp, sitting in on a Parent Panel, and writing letters so that their campers-in-training would receive mail today. Everyone had a full camp day!

Sometimes, I feel like Camp Louise is the best kept secret. All of us here know how truly incredible and life changing it is. Others may take a little longer to realize it, but you know what….I don’t want to be a best kept secret anymore. I want people to shout it from the rooftops – Camp Louise truly rocks!

We do amazing things here. We help campers learn new skills, we teach values, we help kids find their inner awesome, we help campers make connections to friends that will truly last a lifetime, and so, so much more! So for those 50+ families who came to experience camp today, I hope they got a little taste of all the magic that happens on our little mountain in Cascade, Maryland – and I can’t wait to see them next summer when they drop off their camper for summer 2016!



Today’s Birthdays

Noa – Bunk 20
Anna – Bunk 27
Hanna – Housekeeping



Today’s Menu
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Last week we did Shark Tank as an evening activity, and the bunks pitched their ideas to our hosts.  The winning team (bunk #21) who won had their dream made into a reality – Sundae Sunday!  Check out the pics on your Camp In Touch account of this amazing once-in-a-lifetime breakfast treat!

Today’s Weather

82°F | Low: 64°F – A truly gorgeous day at Camp Louise – you couldn’t ask for better weather!


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