We talk a lot at camp about being a positive leader. We have an entire division, three whole units (rising 10th – 12th graders) devoted to leadership training and a Leadership Trainee Coordinator. But what does it all really mean…leadership?

Each morning, bunks get a copy of The Daily and the very first section talks about our Middah of the Week. This week’s middah was leadership/manhigut. Some of the discussion points in The Daily this week included:

  • Who is the best leader you know? What qualities make them a good leader? Do you see any of those qualities in yourself?
  • Leadership means stepping up when others won’t or can’t. It could be leading in cleaning your bunk, trying a new athletics skill, or tasting something you never have in the Dining Hall. Will you lead today?
  • Moses, the greatest leader in the Torah, was also the most humble. Do you think a person can lead well if they think they’re the only one who can? What does Moses’ humility teach us about how we can approach leadership?

As we welcomed new campers to our community, it was a great week to demonstrate leadership. Here are just some of the reasons these campers had the honor of lighting candles with me tonight:

  • She initiated, created, and organized a card for a bunkmate in the infirmary and she had everyone sign it.
  • She has always been the first camper to help out in the bunk – without even being asked by her counselors. Way to go!
  • When a brand new camper arrived at camp and was having a challenging time, without even being asked, some campers in her bunk took her under their wing by being kind, comforting her, empathizing with what it is like to be new here, and encouraging her to have fun here. After only 15 minutes of conversation, these girls reassured the new camper that she has “already made 3 friends at camp.” Two of them walked the new camper to her bunk, while the third gave the new camper a necklace she was wearing exclaiming that now it is a “friendship necklace.”
  • When a bunk met their little sister bunk, someone from their bunk was not there so one of the little sisters felt lonely. This camper showed leadership by taking the girls’ little sister as her own.
  • She helped teach and assist younger campers with tie-dye. She was a big help to the counselors in Arts and Crafts!
  • She displayed leadership in the bunk by volunteering to help other campers with their jobs to make sure the bunk did well on inspection.
  • She always steps up and takes initiatives. Voluntarily she did her friends’ jobs in the bunk because they were at the Health Center. Overall great leadership!
  • This camper constantly sets a great example as a leader. This week, she helped her fellow CAs with canteen duty when it wasn’t even her turn. She also helped a younger camper in the Health Center – keeping her busy.

Strive to be the kind of leader that you would want to follow!

Shabbat Shalom!



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Isabelle – ST
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