e0d7ae3c-dfd7-4158-81c4-ebdd0981e2fe A favorite Airy pastime of campers young and old is hanging out on the bunk porch. Dating back more than 20 years, a camper’s pre-camp shopping trips included finding the perfect chair to bring to Airy. Before the advent of the fancy folding chairs that come in the bag and have cup holders and compartments, we had aluminum chairs. With criss-cross webbing. Those chairs rarely lasted a full summer. We would gather chairs around a bunkmate’s trunk and play cards, or swap stories, or debate our favorite ball player.

I’m pleased to report that today, nothing and everything have changed. Bye bye aluminum, hello steel frames with durable polyester. Bye bye trunks, hello home-made card tables that have been built and delivered – some featuring the names and signatures of the team that did the construction. The game of choice was and is Spades. Pairs take on one another as they bid for how many of the 13 rounds they might win. Cards are dealt, the player with the two of clubs leads, and the game is on. Porch conversations are more diverse. Surely campers enjoy a debate about sports – hopefully and specifically, the Camp Airy Fantasy Football League … shameless plug – sign your campers up to join in the fun.

It’s even better when the group hanging out in chairs includes one of the counselors. In today’s picture, Juan is with his campers. Juan is one of our CCUSA / international staff. He works and lives in Unit D, and is on swim staff. Last summer Juan was a CIT counselor. The life and camp experience that he can share with his campers – regardless of his skill at Spades or Fantasy Football – is unique. And it’s something you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere but at Airy. Juan came to camp a week early to bolster his lifeguarding skills, served as a mentor for many first year international staff members, and has maintained his easy-going, friendly disposition.

We are proud here at Airy that our staff features folks from multiple continents, young and old(er), homegrown and first-timers. Our community is made better by this variety and uniqueness among staff, as well as among campers and their families The quality of our residential life and programming both benefit, which means more good stuff for campers.


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