Running Homegrown Dance

Tonight was our first trip to Airy of the session for what has become known as the Homegrown Dance. It is the dance where the Airy staff who were CITs dress up in shorts, button downs and ties…..very fancy!  And the Louise staff who were CITs dress down a bit – in their tee-shirts from their CIT year and either pajama pants or boxers. Even more importantly than the staff, the current year’s CITs have their own attire as well. The Louise CITs make their own tee-shirts and they proudly run down the hill hand in hand when they arrive at the dance. What seems like such a minor thing has become a rather big tradition.

I spoke with some of the Louise CITs tonight at the dance while I was standing in line for the Photo Booth. They told me how excited they were to wear their shirts for the first time. One CIT said – it was finally us, what a milestone! They explained that they literally have been waiting for this moment their entire camp lives! Another CIT told me how cool it was to run down the hill with the whole group. And yet another said that tonight’s dance was the perfect mix of fun, camp spirit and tradition. The CITs shared with me their excitement as they heard cheers of others when they were running down the hill. One explained it as surreal.

Looking around the dance, seeing the campers (of all ages) with their friends, enjoying the night of dancing, games and snacks – it was definitely a great night! Siblings from Airy and Louise got to see each other and meet each other’s friends. Campers ran around with balloon animal bracelets and hats. Lots of good ‘ole fun camp craziness!

When it got dark, we all gathered on the hill to watch an amazing fireworks display and then as one BIG group, we all sang our Goodnight Song together. Junior Camp got on the buses to go back to Louise while Senior Camp and Trainees got to stay for a little bit more of the dance before they headed back to Louise.

Another Homegrown Dance has come and gone….and next year’s CITs are already planning their shirts for the dance of 2016!

Good night, everyone!


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Julianna – Bunk 11
Hayley – Counselor of Bunk 13



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High: 84°F | Low: 59°F – Another truly gorgeous day at camp – we could totally get used to this amazing weather!


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