As we begin our second long session of the summer, we introduced Middah Girl. As a refresher, Middah Girl is our superhero who emulates the middot/values that we talk about, teach and value here at Camp Louise. More on Middah Girl from my June 29th blog – https://www.airylouise.org/newsfeed/directors-blog-january-29-2018/

Here, you can see the middot we have focused on each week at camp:


Our new middah of the week was courage. We often ask:

What would Middah Girl do?

Well, this group of campers can certainly tell you. They were nominated to light candles on Shabbat by demonstrating courage:

  • Always trying to help friends in her bunk who may be sad
  • Not being afraid to reach out to new people and always having a smile on her face
  • Trying any activity
  • Doing anything she can to help her friends have a great summer
  • Trying out for the musical
  • Always reaching out to new people in the bunk
  • Making sure everyone is included
  • Never being afraid to talk to someone new or bring new people into her friend group
  • Never giving up even when confronted with some challenging tasks during her lifeguarding class

I continue to be incredibly proud of our campers and all of the middot they demonstrate every day!

Shabbat Shalom,



Today’s Birthdays

Izabella – Bunk 35
Mark – Cook
Michal – Kitchen Staff


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High: 87°F | Low: 66°F
A nice day with an afternoon storm which cooled things down.  We had a perfectly lovely evening – all outside!


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