History Day


As an institution that has been around since 1922, we are so lucky to have such a rich and long history. You will hear many stories about people who run into camp alumni all across the US and even the world and find out that they have a commonality – Camp Louise! Songs are sung, memories are shared and new friendships sometimes created.

Today we celebrated a little bit of that here at camp during HISTORY DAY. We welcomed some former staff to camp to share a little bit of their history with us.

Today’s lunch was a bit of a throwback to the old Wednesday lunch – complete with sticky buns (minus the nuts I remember from when I was a camper in the 80s). During lunch, we got a chance to see a slide show of old camp pictures and hear some old camp tunes.

In addition to free swim (an all-time favorite through the years) at the pool, we had Camp BINGO, a good ole fashioned singdown, and even a sing-along! Another activity involved bunks dressing up their counselors or CA-CIs from a designated decade and of course a big fashion show followed! One of my favorite History Day activities is the panel discussion. Alumni shared stories with us about:

  • Their first memory of camp
  • A typical day of camp when they were here
  • Someone they looked up to at camp
  • Their favorite activity at camp
  • Why they decided to start coming to camp way back when
  • What they miss most about camp
  • What they learned from being at camp

When I think about my own history at Camp Louise and the many people who have been most meaningful to my time here, there is one person who stands out above the rest…Joan Bornstein (see picture). If you were at camp anytime in the 1940s through current time, you know Joan.

For me, she was my Secret Pal in 1988 – my first year as a counselor. I then worked under her as a Unit Leader when she was Unit Leader Coordinator. We worked together when she was Assistant Director and Behavioral Specialist. I have learned so much about the kind of person I wish to be from Joan. She has been a mentor to me for years, and I continue to learn from her. She is an amazing woman and I owe so much to her. I am so glad that she was here today to be a part of History Day at camp because she is a part of my camp history.

Please be sure to think about someone who has influenced you. Don’t wait…reach out to them and let them know.


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