Back when I was a CIT in 1987, our former Director Miss Sara selected the 5 or 6 people to raise the big American flag in the Dining Hall on the 4th of July. We never knew how or why she chose those people, but we knew it was a big honor. In more recent years, we decided to take a different approach. We look at the amount of sessions that the CITs have spent at camp and the girls with the most receive the honor of raising the flag.

This day is one that many of the CITs have been looking forward to for years! I had a chance to talk to some of the CITs right before the flag ceremony. Some words used to describe this moment for them….overwhelmed, nervous, excited.

The CITs who had been first session campers in the past said they have grown up watching this flag ceremony. It is so amazing that they now get to be a part of it. The girls who are second session campers have never even seen the ceremony before. By the time they would arrive at camp, the flag would just be up in the Dining Hall.

Some of the CITs reflected on the times they were younger campers watching their own CITs raise the flag. Now, their little bunks are watching them. They said it was totally surreal, a rite of passage!

The CITs did a great job today, and now they are forever a part of this long-standing Camp Louise tradition!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!



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We are so proud of how much our Trainees give back to camp, while having a blast and making memories at the same time.  Today was no exception.  Our CAs (Counselors’ Assistants, rising 11th graders) brought our July 4th festivities to the next level by decorating the Dining Hall in a patriotic theme.  There was red, white, and blue everywhere!  One of the CAs had a portable speaker, and a spontaneous dance party broke out – a memory that will surely last a lifetime!  During lunch, the CAs admired the CITs raising the flag, looking forward to their turn to take part in this long-standing tradition next summer.  Happy 4th of July!
Erica – Trainee Division Head
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