March 12, 2020 – We were in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the annual American Camp Association Tri-State Conference having dinner with the team when Neil and I received an email from our children’s school – saying that they would be closed the next day and then going to virtual learning for at least two weeks. Little did we know what was about to come….

Fast forward to May 27, 2020 when we had to share this news with our camp community:

“It is with heavy hearts that we write you today with the decision to not host our 2020 summer camp sessions at Camps Airy & Louise.”

As you can imagine, the next 13 months were filled with a ton of Zoom meetings and more Google Docs than I have ever created and planning and replanning for so many different scenarios. It was absolutely mind-blowing to say the least.

And now here we are…..

June 27, 2021 – We opened our gates and welcomed 413 campers to Camp Louise!

For me, this picture sums it all up – the crazy emotions of the past year plus!

I spoke to this staff member Rachel and this ST (Senior Trainee – rising 10th grader) Lily about what they were feeling in this moment, and their smiles and words were priceless – pure happiness… relief… excitement… hope… joy!

And that is camp! All of those emotions rolled up in one at any and every moment of the day!

We are beyond happy to be able to have camp in person this summer.

We are filled with relief that we can finally be together.

We are excited for all that lies ahead.

We are hopeful that the world is opening up and becoming a better, safer, healthier place.

And we are joyful thinking about camp – the friendships renewed, the new connections that are just in the very beginning stages, the activities we are going to get to experience, the community we are all a part of!

Here’s to a truly joyful summer at Camp Louise!


This Week’s Birthdays
JUNE 27 –
Noa – Bunk 26
Nala – Bunk 27
Kaitlyn – CIT
Megan – CIT
Kendall – Unit F Counselor

Garri – Bunk 28

JUNE 29 –
Naomi – Bunk 15
Emma – Bunk 18
Alex – Bunk 19
Nadine – Staff

JUNE 30 –
Hannah – Bunk 23

Callie – Bunk 22
Makayla – Bunk 19
Maddie – CIT

Hannah – Bunk 11
Marissa – Bunk 11
Ellie – Bunk 32
Shirah – Staff
Leslie – Swim Department Head

Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Egg Burritos Baked Potato Bar Hamburgers
Berries Lots of Toppings Hot Dogs
Cereal Fixin's

Today’s Weather
High: 91°F | Low: 72°F
Sunny and gorgeous with lots of reminders for sunscreen and water bottles!

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