“Row Row Row Your Boat”

When campers from today ask me about my camp experience at their age, I have a few standard answers:

1. I learned to swim at camp.
2. I loved softball, soccer and ultimate frisbee.
3. I regret not taking advantage of all that Airy Outdoors had to offer.

If I only knew then what I know now. Pictured today is a group that headed out in the morning for a rafting trip. (Can you pick out Kyle the counselor?) This trip is only one of several opportunities that Airy Outdoors provides for campers – white water rafting, tubing, and park & paddle are some of the off-campus trips, and don’t forget about rock climbing and caving.

Even just staying on campus, the list of Outdoors offerings grows longer and longer – hikes, survival trips, high and low ropes, camping, cooking, scissors tower, mega-zip, wood zip, fishing, slacklining … and more. Participation in Airy Outdoors activities provides campers a chance to achieve more than they previously thought possible. An an individual, or as a small group, or as a whole bunk / unit, opportunities are there. Highly trained Outdoors staff encourage and challenge young people to use their brains and their brawn to navigate an obstacle or scenario. The staff also help us to appreciate nature and have fun outdoors.

I never took advantage of the trips. I enjoyed my bunk excursions to Tent City, Outpost and Pioneer. And I really enjoyed hikes. I didn’t do a water or survival trip. I didn’t climb a rock or explore a cave. I should have – to see what I was capable of, to experience a unique group challenge, to meet staff that had skills and interests different than mine.

You don’t know until you try … an activity you think you don’t like ends up being one that you love and pursue for the rest of your life, both in camp and out.

I hope that chance happens for all campers.


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