In celebration of Thanksgiving, Camps Airy and Louise would like to share what we’re thankful for when it comes to camp … nine things for the nine units at each camp:


We are thankful for Inner-Awsome-inspriring activities like the Adventure Park and MegaZip. Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone!?!?


We are thankful for – however you say it – Cabana and Cabaña … where else would we learn the true greatness of a milkshake?


We are thankful for the hundreds of beautiful, outdoor acres that surround our camps. There is no better setting for our summers together.


We are thankful for airplanes (and buses) that bring to Camp some of the most amazing international staff you could possibly find. Israel, Australia, the UK, Argentina and so many points in between are represented.


We are thankful for technology, so that we can stay connected to Camp and each other all year long. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – oh my!


We are thankful for parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who have brought Camps Airy & Louise into their families and handed down a love for summer in the Catoctin Mountains. How cool is it that we have 4th generation campers at Airy and Louise!?!?


We are thankful for old friends and new friends that join us in bunk and on staff every summer. For 90-plus years, we have been bringing people together and making memories.


We are thankful for music, because music gives us favorites like “Homegrown,” “Bim Bam” and “The Goodnight Song.”


And lastly, we are thankful for this time of the year where we pause, and gather with friends and family, and realize how lucky we are.


(Sounds a lot like camp, doesn’t it?)


Happy Thanksgiving!

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