HOW TO BE GOOFY AT CAMP (5 quick and easy tips to be your funniest self)   By Erin Penn  ErinPenn1.    Figure out a signature look.

Leslie rocks the bathing suits and towel paints. Alicia has the bandana. A look helps you be identifiable. Once you are identifies you have room to move around. For example: Wear a banana suit all the time (no matter if its color games or not).

2.    Think of catchphrase

All funny/ goofy people have one. You must have a tag line.  Its like a quick little slogan and preview into your goofiness.  If frosted flakes has one, you sure as well need one.

3.    Find a location

There is no point of being goofy if no one is going to see Options: leading songs in terrace, bunk time, instructional swim, free swim, basketball, oneg after services, oneg after folkdance, snack time for your division, snack time for other divisions.   A helpful hint: don’t be goofy at archery those arrows are scary, jokes get real real ,real fast.

4.    Don’t be scared

Just go for it. Camp is the one place that you can totally be whoever, whatever you want. No social pressures dictate what is funny. If you feel like singing frozen backwards while wearing bathing suit bottoms on your head- do it. If you feel like using your tennis racket as a guitar- do it. (unless the counselor in charge of that period is asking for you to play jail. Then you do that).

5.    Disregard all the above.

Who am I to tell you how to be goofy/ funny. Even though I think I’m hilarious and so does my great uncle, does not mean I know everything. The only thing I do know is that camp is the place to try everything. A joke you read off your popsicle stick or an accent that doesn’t even exist. At camp no one judges, instead you are praised for your attempts.  Being goofy is totally accepted- especially if it includes being yourself.

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