We have been waiting for this summer for SO long and there is so much to be excited about.

On Opening Day, a parent (of a 9 year camper) commented to me…

I had no idea I’d be so emotional this morning – my kids have had so many experiences cancelled or changed thanks to COVID that I was thrilled and in disbelief that today even came. Thanks for making camp happen and fingers crossed everyone stays safe and healthy.

These sentiments spoke to me on so many levels.

No one knows the impact that these past 18 months have had on people – the losses, the disappointments, etc. The fact that we can have camp in person is amazing and thanks to A LOT of planning. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated team of staff who helps us implement all that we have put into place (and keep changing) throughout this summer.

We put up on our chalkboard outside of the Dining Hall (next to our new handwashing stations) – this sentence:

Something I’m excited about is….

You can see some of the comments written up so far…canteen, pool, tie-dye, making new friends, and I checked out the board over the last 48 hours to see more replies – Welcome Show, my bunk, the play, Dance Concert, ropes course, camp!

There is just so much to be excited about. And the fact that we are here is the most exciting part!

Here is to a healthy, safe and fun three weeks!



This Week’s Birthdays

Charli – Bunk 21
Rebecca – CIT

Leah – CA
Jordan – Bunk 10
Ellie – Bunk 1
Lexi – Bunk 1
Zoey – Bunk 17
Liz – Wellness Team

Gracie – Bunk 19
Emily – Senior Camp Division Head

Simone – Bunk 19

Madyson – Bunk 29


Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Egg McLouise Chicken Sandwiches Pizza
Veggie Sausage Chips Veggies
Fruit Cole Slaw Zucchini Fries
Cereal Salad Salad


Today’s Weather
High: 84°F | Low: 63°F

Sunny and gorgeous!


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