Our Very 1st Mermaid of the Day!

I have to say that the Camp Louise Pool is one of the best places at camp! It is gorgeous and refreshing and bubbling with smiling campers!

Each day during mermaid training (AKA swim instruction – but so much cooler!), our incredible swim staff nominates some exceptional campers as Mermaids of the Day – campers who are hard workers, and ones who display positive attitudes, camaraderie and outstanding effort. As you can imagine, we have MANY campers who fit that bill!

Once we have our nominees, our head mermaid Leslie holds a random drawing to select the one who will hold the title of Mermaid of the Day!

All of the nominees earn extra shell shekels that they can cash in at the Shore Store for some fun prizes. And then they all get to ride on our newest float – the mermaid crown!

The joy – the pride – the wave – only at Camp Louise!

I had the chance to chat with Mermaid of the Day – Alix from bunk 18. She beamed with pride as she told me all about how she had been respectful during Mermaid Training. She was really listening because she wanted to learn the new skill of backstroke, and she did! She loved the limousine ride around the pool – waving and smiling at her adoring fans!

Mazel Tov, Alix!


This Week’s Birthdays

JUNE 27 –
Noa – Bunk 26
Nala – Bunk 27
Kaitlyn – CIT
Megan – CIT
Kendall – Unit F Counselor

Garri – Bunk 28

JUNE 29 –
Naomi – Bunk 15
Emma – Bunk 18
Alex – Bunk 19
Nadine – Staff

JUNE 30 –
Hannah – Bunk 23

Callie – Bunk 22
Makayla – Bunk 19
Maddie – CIT

Hannah – Bunk 11
Marissa – Bunk 11
Ellie – Bunk 32
Shirah – Staff
Leslie – Swim Department Head

Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Egg McLouise Grilled Cheese Chicken Stir Fry
Fruit Tomato Soup Veggies
Cereal Tater Tots Rice
Egg Rolls

Today’s Weather
High: 90°F | Low: 72°F
Another sunny day here in 21719!

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