Directors’ Blog – August 6, 2017

Here’s a new one – the camp directors use a random word generator to fill out a Mad Lib about tonight’s Airy – Louise dance:

Dear Joy,

Tonight was a springy night at camp. The venomous girls from Camp Louise took a horse and buggy over to Camp Airy for a dusty night of fun with our friends on the other side of the desert.

When Junior Camp arrived, the pickled DJ played lots of games with us, like Monopoly and soccer and wiffle ball. It was a lot of fun!

When Senior Camp and Trainees arrived, they joined the party. We were so jolly to have the chance to see siblings and friends. Then we had a devilish display of Kosher fireworks while the song YMCA played.

What a groovy night! It’s always itchy to see each other, but it is also plaid to be back at our own camp.

Campily yours,


Today’s Airy Birthdays

Jordan – staff

Today’s Airy Menu
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
French Toast | Eggs – Cheesy and Scrambled | Fruit and Yogurt | Cereal Bar Pizza | Caesar Salad | Pasta Bar | Salad Bar | Chocolate Chip Cookies BBQ Chicken | Corn Bread | Baked Beans | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar
Today’s Airy Weather

High: 77°F | Low: 64°F
Mild, at times overcast, and a cool evening

Today’s Louise Birthdays

Sydney – Bunk 29
Rebecca – Counselor

Today’s Louise Menu
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Eggs | Bagels | Lox Spread | Cereal Bar BBQ Chicken | Cornbread | Beans | Potato Salad | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar Pizza | Sauteed Veggies | Curly Fries | Caesar Salad | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar
Today’s Louise Weather

High: 81°F | Low: 68°F – Another absolutely gorgeous, cool day in 21719!