Are you dreading saying goodbye to your son or daughter on opening day of camp? This blog will help you stay in touch with your child and informed of all the action this summer.

Select “CampInTouch” in the top menu bar of the website. You will be asked for your email and password (use the email that we send all camp correspondence to). If you get locked out or forget your password, contact us at the office (410-466-9010).


After you log in to your account, you will have several menu options. Please try to become familiar with what is available to you through the online community section. Here are a few important things you should know about:

Important Features:

  • Email
    • This is where you will be able to email your child. To send emails you must have CampStamps (see below).
    • Stationery and word games each cost one extra CampStamp. If you add a stationery and/or word game, they will not show up until you preview your email.
    • All emails are limited to 50 lines. Stationary and word games further limit the amount of lines you can type as well. Please make sure to add any stationary or word games BEFORE you start writing your email as if you do so after, your email letter may be cut off.
  • CampStamps
    • CampStamps are used to send emails to your child. 1 CampStamp = 1 email. You can also use your CampStamps for stationary and word games, if you so choose.
    • CampStamps are also used to read eLetters sent from your camper.  More about eLetters is below!
    • Different CampStamp packages are available for purchase with a credit card. The packages that are available are in USD. Also, you should know that stamps do rollover from year to year.
    • You will receive 1 free camp stamp per week per camper (For example, if you have two campers staying for Session 1 Short, you will receive a total of 4 CampStamps during their sessions).
    • CampStamps are placed on ONE parent’s account.  They can be shared with other people – other parents or family members!
  • camp-airy-staff-campers-ledgeeLetters
    • Parents have the option to print an eLetter stack prior to camp as well as include an e-Letter with any email sent through CampInTouch.
    • Campers can use this eLetter stationery to write home. You can print the pages at home and send them with your camper(s). The camp office will fax your camper’s letter to a special number, and you receive the handwritten letter into your eLetter inbox… without waiting for the postal service!  Typically eLetters are received within 24 hours of the camper writing the eLetter.
    • There is no cost to print eLetter stationery. You will receive an email notification as each eLetter is returned. The first time you view each letter, it will cost 1 CampStamp. Once viewed, it may be opened, saved, or forwarded by email an unlimited number of times at no additional cost.
  •  Photos
    • In the photo section, please click on the “About Photos” section to find out more about all the options available to you. You are able to mark your favorite pictures, email any photo for free to your friends/family, download a hi-res copy and purchase prints.

Other Features:

  • Guest Accounts – You are able to invite your own guests, so they too can have the ability to view photos, watch videos, and email your child.

Staying in Touch:

There are other ways to stay in touch this summer.

  • Social Media
  • Snail Mail
    • Send letters to your camper using the addresses below:
      • Camper Name, Bunk #
        Camp Airy
        14938 Old Camp Airy Road
        Thurmont, MD 21788
      • Camper Name, Bunk #
        Camp Louise
        24959 Pen Mar Road
        Cascade, MD 21719
      • The Package Policy
        • The Camp Post Office accepts parcels in envelopes that are no larger than 12” x 15” x ¾” and do not contain any food items. If your item does not meet these guidelines, you will be notified and the package will be placed in “Mail Jail.” You can pick it up on the last day of the session.

    We are excited for you to feel more part of the camp community than ever before. If you still have any questions, go to the “Help” section in the top right corner or please contact the camp office.

    We look forward to an amazing summer at Camps Airy and Louise!

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